Working towards a world
where nothing goes to waste

Environmental Stewardship About sustane

We believe in environmental stewardship

But for us our responsibility extends far beyond a hope for cleaner oceans and a cleaner planet. We are striving for a world where recycled plastic has endless possibilities.

Sustainability underscores everything we do from the products we design and manufacture to the way we run our operations.

Recycling Box

The most sustainable raw material didn’t exist
so we created it.

Sustane is a unique material to RPC, carefully developed by utilising our long standing knowledge and expertise of recycling. Consistency of quality is paramount, so from our careful selection and sortation of previously used plastics, our rigorous quality standards and full traceability to globally recognised norms, Sustane is a material that delivers time after time.

Sustainable Polymer The product

Sustane is a unique product - the premium sustainable polymer.

The Sustane range of polymers sets new standards in recycled plastics and is designed to deliver consistently high levels of technical performance across a wide spectrum of applications.

With an ultra-low carbon footprint, current products can improve their environmental credentials by being redesigned using Sustane.

Furthermore we offer our customers the opportunity to operate a closed loop recycling process by developing collection systems. Our technically advanced plants allow the remanufacture of Sustane back into our customers’ products – and all the time working to rigorous quality checks and full traceability to globally recognised standards across the recycling and manufacturing process.


The Sustane Family

Sustane is a premium sustainable polymer delivering a high level technical performance, allowing its use in a wide range of applications where previously prime polymer was used. It is available in three grades:

Post Industrial Plastic


Made from post-industrial plastic.

Post Consumer Waste

Sustane NxG

Made from post-consumer plastic


Sustane Compound

A one stop finished compound solution, combining Sustane, Sustane NxG and all additives, fillers and colours.

Sustane Norec

An innovative premium sustainable polymer made from a mixture of printed post-industrial and post-consumer flexible packaging.

Sustane Fusion

A premium sustainable polymer blend of post-industrial and post-consumer packaging film.


Re-made with Sustane

We are striving for a world where recycled plastic has endless possibilities for continued re-use.

Sustane is derived from many sources of previously used plastic; whether those applications were industrial, business to business, agriculture or consumer.

Sustane can be recycled and used again and again and again. Saving natural resources, reducing plastic going to landfill and protecting our waterways and oceans.

Plant in plastic bottle

The most sustainable packaging is re-made with our
Circular Economy Rating Tool

Recyclability Design Tool Circular Economy Rating Tool

A unique tool with endless possibilities

The key to good recycling is improving the recyclability of our products, so to improve our product provenance we developed a unique design tool which combines our many years of recycling experience, with our industry leading expertise in designing highly technical polyethylene films.

In creating a circular economy rating we help our customers not only to improve the recyclability of their products, but also to communicate this more easily to end users. Great environmental stewardship demands greater product custody by everyone in the supply chain.

We are RPC bpi

Sustane is manufactured by RPC bpi recycled products – a division of RPC bpi group. We harness the powers and experience of our market focused businesses to add value to our customers’ operation by preserving, promoting and protecting their valuable products.

Our business is increasingly defined not just by technology and innovation, but also by sustainability and the highest ethical and health and safety standards.

What makes RPC bpi group unique are our products and technology and our proven environmental stewardship.

0% waste produced by our sites, by 2019 waste
100% of our products will be recyclable or compostable, by 2020 clean
20% less energy used per product we make, by 2025 energy